The Parents’ Independent School Network, Inc. (PIN) is a volunteer group of parents with children who are students at New England area independent elementary and secondary schools. PIN was formed to help parents share ideas and promote worthy programs at these independent schools.

One or two parent representatives (Reps) from each member school attend 5 meetings each year. These PIN Reps serve as the conduit between the diverse school communities. At PIN meetings, Reps gather to share information about topics relating to non-academic issues, listening to speakers and panels and participating in discussion groups. PIN also offers meetings to Parents Associations Heads and Community Service (CS) Liaisons as well as CS Awards and Recognitions, among other programs.

PIN is run by a governing body of volunteer Directors, PIN, Inc., and is divided into two divisions: Lower/Middle School representing grades K-9 and Upper School representing grades 9-12. The groups typically meet every other month by division and come together once a year for the Annual Meeting, where an informative and much anticipated “Heads of School” panel discussion takes place. Each year at the Annual Meeting, a set of local Heads of School are invited to make presentations and to answer questions on a topic of current interest to our schools.

PIN’s goals include:

  • To discuss topics of mutual concern
  • To share ideas and practices which have benefited member schools and their students
  • To sponsor educational events
  • To support and foster PIN member schools’ community service programs
  • To encourage each representative to work closely with his or her school and the school’s parent organization to disseminate ideas and information learned from the meetings
  • To share information through our Community Bulletin Board about upcoming PIN member school events open to the public

Member schools pay dues for membership in one or both of our two divisions. These dues cover the administrative costs of running PIN.

The views and opinions expressed by our member schools, speakers and providers do not necessarily reflect those of PIN, Inc.